Those that just seem to fit right into that Red Brick white columned church on main street, and those who don't. Open Gate is the church for those who just don't fit into that first category. At Open Gate, You won't find plush carpets, padded pews, or crystal chandelers. What you will find are warm friendly people, solid Bible teaching, and worship with a country twang. We believe that the good news about Jesus is for everyone so it doesn't matter what you look like or where you've been. Divorced or married, black or white, Harley or horse, boots or suits -- You will be welcome here! We may not look like church to a lot of people, but we look a lot like life and feel like home. 

Come on down and check us out. We are betting that you'll feel right at home, too!

Open Gate Cowboy Church

‚Äč6636 Tom Hebert Road

Lake Charles, LA 70607

Ya Know, There are two kinds of People in this world.

Open Gate Cowboy Church